The Art of Designing Radio Studios - Classical King FM [ZOOM] Classic King FM

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The Art of Designing Radio Studios - Classic King FM Offices and Studios hosted by Owen Richards OAR Architects​

  • See how the Station’s unique technical and operational requirements were accommodated in a conventional office space.
  • Radio studios have a specific acoustic and audio-visual design criteria.
  • Design and Constructions - Lessons Learned.
  • Learn how they comply with FCC requirements including emergency power in a building with none.
  • How to create an inspiring workplace that fosters innovation and collaboration.
  • 6:15-6:30pm | Sign-in and Social
  • 6:30pm | Presentation
  • 7:30pm | Questions and Answers


Event Recap

“The Art of Designing Radio Studios -

Classical King FM” was an amazing journey into the world of acoustical sound mitigation and design excellence. Owen Richards enthusiasm and depth of knowledge made for a very educational and enjoyable evening.

Classic King FM were forced to relocate in March 2019. A 5,000 sf space in the Opera Center was available for their use. They were given access to the practice studios and small theaters for performances and interviews.

This project had an unbelievably short schedule from start to move-in (March 2019 to February 2020), and yet the amount of details and intensity of the work allowed for no shortcuts. It is a remarkable design retrofitting an office space into a radio station and its offices. The clear, simple Space design effectively re-used the existing space, and quickened the design, permit, and construction times.

The acoustical design philosophy of having a box within a box within a box to eliminate exterior noise from coming in and for interior noise going out was enlightening. OAR’s details, sections, and even specification sections gave us an in-depth look at the design of this space. The almost fanatical attention to sound pathways and their elimination during design, and even more so during construction, was impressive.

We saw how a minimal design still needs to have great details to accomplish its tasks and to be an inviting, engaging, collaborative space. It was the little things that stood out, like the sound panels in the studios, or the high ceilings in the open office or the windows between studios and the outside. In the end this is a delightful space.

There were two construction contracts - general for the space and another for the radio equipment. Sellen was the General Contractor; They had completed another radio station recently and knew the technical details required. They used the mechanical and electrical subcontractors who did the Opera center work. The radio equipment did their installation from December 2019 to February 2020. Staff moved in at the end of February. With their separate studios they were able to operate from the new spaces.

We enjoyed seeing and visiting with everyone and hope it was enjoyable for you, too.


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