CSI Mt. Rainier Chapter

January 2021 - President's Message

Twas just after Christmas and all through the Chapter,

Working out last minute details for programs now and after.

Zoom meetings on the first Thursday still is the norm,

But vaccinations might mean we can meet in person once more.

What’s in store you ask for twenty-twenty-one,

Healthy Designs, YWCA, Classic King FM Offices, and so much more,

Performing Arts, an Observatory, and Orting City Hall,

Our schedule is complete so come one and come all.

Guaranteed you will learn with CEU Credits too,

Sign-up now at www.csimtrainier.org so in the new year we can see you.

Wishing you and yours a Happy New Year!


Cheers, Poppy Bushnell, CSI, CDT 


Construction Specification Institute (CSI) is a national association of commercial-level construction professionals dedicated to improving construction communication through:

CSI is unique in the industry in that its members are a cross section of architects, engineers, designers, specifiers, contractors, owners, facility managers, building materials suppliers, and others who are touched by construction documentation.


The Mt. Rainier Chapter 

  • Who are we? Everyone! (in Construction)

  • What do we do? Everything (in Construction)

  • Don't call us Spec Writers - we are so much more than specifications!

  • We synchronize our talents and share our knowledge.

  • We are equipped to build something extraordinary.



Meeting Tips

Use poll questions periodically to engage your audience and keep them focused.
Monitor the chat function for questions as they come in, to see if people are expounding on something you covered, or to see if people are expressing poor understanding.
Enable video only for the presenter. You can only see a limited number of participants anyway, depending on your screen size, and enabling video gobbles up network resources. If you plan to lecture without feedback (e.g., for a large seminar), you can also disable participant audio.
Schedule one or more feedback breaks. In a physical classroom, you can see raised hands or observe confused looks. It’s important to assess understanding and allow students to ask questions. An audio free-for-all can be a nightmare, but dedicated Q&A periods work really well.
Address Internet disruptions: At this time, many network providers are seeing massive increases in residential bandwidth use during the day, and many users are being throttled. If participants are experiencing lagging or skipping, suggest that they use their computer to access video, while simultaneously dialing in by phone for the audio.

This article includes information that originally appeared on the Zoom blog.

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