CSI Mt. Rainier Chapter

CSI Officers and Board Members for 2021 – 2022

The new officers begin their duties July 1, 2021.


     Poppy Bushnell CSI CDT


     Robert More CSI CDT


     Mary Ann Akemi Shepherd CSI


     Susan Williams CSI CDT


     Bob Kenworthy FCSI CCS CCCA

DIRECTOR POSITION 1:                         

     Eric Camin CSI

DIRECTOR POSITION 2:                         

     Stephanie Fry CSI CDT

DIRECTOR POSITION 3:                         

     Heidi Buchberger CSI

DIRECTOR POSITION 4:                        

     Joan Schaefer CSI CCPR

Construction Specification Institute (CSI) is a national association of commercial-level construction professionals dedicated to improving construction communication through:

CSI is unique in the industry in that its members are a cross section of architects, engineers, designers, specifiers, contractors, owners, facility managers, building materials suppliers, and others who are touched by construction documentation.

The Mt. Rainier Chapter 

  • Who are we? Everyone! (in Construction)

  • What do we do? Everything (in Construction)

  • Don't call us Spec Writers - we are so much more than specifications!

  • We synchronize our talents and share our knowledge.

  • We are equipped to build something extraordinary.

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