Membership Membership enrollment and dues

The Institute's membership dues are as follows:

Professional - $275
Primary function is to write, interpret, enforce, or oversee the completion of construction documents.

Emerging Professional - $150
Less than three years experience in any of the fields that qualify as professional, industry or associate membership.

Student - $50
Full-time student in a construction-related curriculum.

Mount Rainier Chapter membership dues are as follows:

Professional/Industry/Associate - $55
Emerging Professional Member - $27.50
Student - $0
Retired - $0

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Member Spotlight - Why did you join CSI?

I joined CSI to learn how to clean up messy specifications.  The contacts that I've made over the years are invaluable.  My supervisor periodically sticks his head in the door and asks me to "call one of my CSI buddies" to figure out how to solve a problem that we're having. ~ Bob Kenworthy, Auburn School District / Chapter Treasurer & Electronic Communications Chair